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  • General Grade PA6 TF2450I-1
  • General Grade PA6 TF2450I-1

General Grade PA6 TF2450I-1

Xuzhou Tengfei Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, it’s a high-tech enterprises that mainly engaged in nylon (PA) modified engineering plastics R&D, production and sales.

Specificationinjection molding gradeColortransparent
Purposeelectronic connector
RemarkHigh flow,easy mold release,can partly replace Xinhui Meida M2500I
PerformanceTest standardTest dataUnit
Tensile strengthGB/T 1046.2-200668MPa
Tensile elongation at breakGB/T 1046.2-20068%
Flexural strengthGB/T 9341-2008101MPa
Impact strength  GB/T 1843-20083KJ/m2
DensityGB/T 1033.1-2008dipping1.13g/cm3
Melting pointGB/T 19466.3-2004215
Heat deflection temperature /1.8mpaGB/T 1634.2-200455
Surface resistivityGB1410-20061013Ω
Ash contentFiring0%