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  • Reinforced PA6 TF100-112

Reinforced PA6 TF100-112

The reinforced PA6 is reinforced by the addition of high-grade fiberglass, it can improve the product hardness and abrasive resistance, with high strength, low shrinkage, stable dimension, and has excellent rigidity and heat distortion temperature.

Specificationinjection molding gradeColorNatural translucent
Purposeelectric tool shells、gear、mechanical part
RemarkPA6 recycled,glass fiber reinforced,easy dyeable
PerformanceTest standardTest dataUnit
Tensile strengthISO527160MPa
Tensile elongation at breakISO5273%
Flexural strengthISO178245MPa
Impact strength  ISO18015KJ/m2
Rockwell hardnessISO2093/2120-
Melting pointISO3416215
Heat deflection temperature//1.8mpaISO75190
Surface resistivityISO1671015Ω
Ash contentfiring30%