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  • Toughening PA66 TF619-R2

Toughening PA66 TF619-R2

Type TF132-1-1 is new material, which is super tough and easy to dye; type TF132NH is new material, which is toughening, with cold-resistant temperature -40 ℃ and easy to dye; type TF619-R2 is recycled material, toughening and has good liquidity.

Specificationinjection molding gradeColorBlack
PurposeTie belt、Buckle etc.
RemarkRecycled material,toughening,high flow
PerformanceTest standardTest dataUnit
Tensile strengthISO52754MPa
Tensile elongation at breakISO52722%
Flexural strengthISO17875MPa
Impact strength  ISO1808KJ/m2
Rockwell hardnessISO2093/2113-
Melting pointISO3416255
Heat deflection temperature/ 0.45mpaISO75180
Surface resistivityISO1671013Ω
Ash contentfiring0%