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  • Toughening PBT TF300R-4

Toughening PBT TF300R-4

The company provides customers with PA6, PA66 and other plastic modification technology one-stop solutions, and has developed reinforced, toughening, flame retardant, wear-resistant, ageing resistant, cold-resistant, anti-static electricity, weather-resistant and other products.

Specificationinjection molding gradeColorMilk white
Purpose Electronic connector, shell, etc
RemarkNew material,toughening
PerformanceTest standardTest dataUnit
Tensile strengthISO52752MPa
Tensile elongation at breakISO52725%
Flexural strengthISO17882MPa
Impact strength  ISO1805.5KJ/m2
Rockwell hardnessISO2093/2____
Melting pointISO3416215
Heat deflection temperature//1.8mpaISO75__
Surface resistivityISO1671013Ω
Ash contentFiring_%