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Strict quality control: Start with supplier selection, in strict accordance with the 24 control points of the standard process, and the real-time sampling  inspection is conducted by the quality control department to ensure that each batch of products can meet customer requirements.
 Strict quality control
First, selection of raw material: to examine the supply capability of raw material suppliers, the stability of raw material quality, quality control process and capability and other factors.
 Strict quality control
Second, to ensure the quality of the return material, each batch of return material and raw material should be continuously stirred for 40 minutes, and separated with the 0.07mm standard German imported metal separator to ensure our product safety and quality.
 Strict quality control
Third, first product inspection mechanism: make sampling inspectio3wn for batch products every hour, check the grain size, appearance, composition, glass fiber content of the product, and fill in the inspection records to meet the customer's product performance requirements.